I’m sure most of you are aware of Memorial Day as just another holiday you have from work or school but memorial day is so much more than just a day off. It is a time for all of us here in America to reflect on the soldiers who gave their lives up for us and fought bravely beside each other so that we can enjoy days like today in peace. So in honor of them we have gathered a list of five songs for you to not only jam out to, but to reflect on what the day actually means.

5) Sarah McLachlan-“I Will Remember You”

You may know this song from the horribly sad ASPCA commercials but when you put that thought aside, it is the perfect song for remembering loved ones.

4) Dixie Chicks-“Travelin’ Soldier”

Yet another sad song, but the Dixie Chicks really got it right with this one. So many women have faced issues of losing their husbands in the wars past, and I’m sure many will be singing it today.

3) Jimi Hendrix-“All Along the Watchtower”

Whether you are a fan of Forrest Gump or not this song just seems to fit so perfectly for Memorial Day.

2) Boston-“The Star Spangled Banner”

No need for an explanation right? I mean it’s the Star Spangled Banner how much more patriotic can we get?

1) Lee Greenwood-“God Bless the USA”

Well, a little more patriotic. I think most of us will all be singing this one together today.