Some people try their entire life to sound natural and at ease whilst playing music but few rarely achieve this. Ray Lamontagne on the other hand is a pure natural. Born in Nashua, New Hampshire this singer/songwriter found a passion for art in many different forms. As a teenager Lamontagne had a passion for drawing and after high school ended up working in Lewiston Maine in a shoe factory. Later, in 1999, the young dreamer left his job in pursuit of a career as a musician, a move that eventually paid off.

To say his career has been successful is an understatement. With 5 albums under his belt now, this talented young star has made quite an impression on the world, racking up awards left and right including best voice by Esquire in 2006 and a Grammy for best contemporary folk album. Not too bad for a kid with a dream. Most recently he released a new album in April entitled Supernova which he recorded in Nashville Tennessee with producer Dan Auerbach. Already the album has received much acclaim and his album titled single “Supernova” has been climbing the charts steadily.

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