Twin Forks is an American folk rock formed in Boca Raton, Florida in 2011. This seven piece band is packed full of talent including members Chris Carrabba, Suzie Zeldin, Ben Homola, Jonathan Clark, Shawn Zorn, Kelsie Baronoski, and Kimmy Baronoski. From previous bands like Dashboard Confessional, Bad Books and The Narrative, most of these members have all had a pretty good career in the music business prior to Twin Forks, but like most musicians the passion to continue and pursue the art will never fade. It all begins with one person. 

Chris Carrabba was the mastermind behind the vision of Twin Forks. After playing with Dashboard Confessional for over ten years he wanted to try his hand with a genre he grew up with, country blues and folk. He pictured shows where people could go relax and just automatically forget their worries, which is exactly what he managed to do with this band. The bands soulful folksy sound has just worked and melded together beautifully, and with seven members all bringing their own unique talent to the table, you won’t find many bands quite like this one. So far Twin Forks has released two EP’s, including  Tour EP Vol. 1, a collection of live recordings from their shows, Twin Forks EP, and their first full length album, Twin Forks which was released earlier this year in February.

You can find tour info and more at their website here, and be sure to check out their hit “Back To You” below.