You probably know Ed Sheeran from his hit song “The A Team” released back in 2011 but aside from that, his music might be a little fuzzy. The song which launched his career was featured everywhere from movies to television but unfortunately that’s the most many have heard from him. He quickly got categorized as a one hit wonder teen heartthrob, but this English singer has much more to offer to the public and he’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Aside from grabbing your attention and pulling your heartstrings with soft slow ballads, this young star has much more talent packed up his sleeve; like rapping. Listening to his latest single “Sing” he combines his smooth singing with a mixture of rap to create a song that could surely be the hit of the summer. And if his music isn’t doing it for you, his sheer connections with other famous stars such as his good friend Taylor Swift will definitely help keep him in the headlines and in the spotlight, but we doubt he will have to rely on others for his fame. In fact, Ed has made himself a name just for his awesome personality. He gives off the vibe of a real and relatable guy, the kind you want to hangout with and just has fun, something very refreshing in the pop world.

And if you’re tired of hearing the same songs over and over, the wait is almost over. His anticipated newest album “X”, read as “multiply”, is set to release on June 23, 2014. To get fans ready Ed has been sharing a new song off of the album everyday on his website. You can check out the songs, pre-order “X” and find out the latest news on Ed Sheeran all on his website here.