140403-jack-white-lazarettoJack White is a man who needs no introduction.The man has no shortage of talent, and has become one of the biggest names in rock over the past decade-plus. What isn’t influential about Jack White? The man’s played with legends such as The Rolling Stones, and Neil Young and was in the documentary “It Might Get Loud” with The Edge, and Jimmy Page. You name it, he’s done it. Jack White is one of the primary artists credited with bringing “the riff” back to rock radio. While plenty of bands have tried to follow suit, none have gotten to the level that Mr.White has. His influence stretches across all media, as people such as Daniel Radcliffe, and Gary Oldman have both spoke candidly of their love for his work. Oldman even directed a live concert of White’s, which featured this awkwardly hilarious altercation.

White doesn’t just play music either. He’s a music enthusiast. He runs his own label, Third Man Records, to which he signs bands he likes, as well as produces his own music from. The label has a clear cut focus on the preservation of vinyl records, something White is very adamant about. He has even invented a new type of vinyl record, a triple decker record, which is as cool as it is unnecessary! Before you scoff at the mans love for vinyl, check the facts, yo. Vinyl has been selling like crazy lately, going up annually since 2008. Hell, his new record “Lazaretto” just beat out a twenty year old vinyl sales record, selling 40,000 copies in one week.
Triple Decker Record

Needless to say, Jack White will undoubtedly go down as one of Rock n Roll’s many heroes. His dedication to music is a rarity in the entertainment industry these days, and he seems to always have his hands in something. Whether it’s producing his own music, collaborating with other artists, appearing in movies, inventing new vinyls, all this and he’s not even 40 yet. Somebody give this man a lifetime achievement award already. Better yet, somebody invent a new award for him.
Jack White - Lazaretto (Official Video)