For most, Disney is a part of growing up. It’s one of the first introductions of music and dancing to kids, which many never forget. The tunes we’ve heard over and over, learning word for word as children become nostalgic. While some may see these songs as being childish, some bands are proving they are not just for children. Recently one of the biggest American rock bands, Pearl Jam, included a rendition of one of the newest Disney films Frozen during one of their concerts, which got us wondering who else has been covering their favorite Disney tunes. Here is a list of the top six we’ve found.

Gene Simmons-When You Wish Upon A Star

Gene Simmons - When You Wish Upon The Star

Gene Simmons singing “When You Wish Upon A Star”…? We were curious as well but it’s actually pretty good.

Rufus-Kiss The Girl (The Little Mermaid)

Rufus shows us here that when this songs isn’t sung by a talking lobster, it’s actually really awesome.

Lana Del Ray-Once Upon A Dream

Lana Del Ray takes this already chilling classing and turns it into an even more breathtakingly heartbreaking song.

Andrew W.K.-Mickey Mouse Club March

Now this is a song that Mickey Mouse can march to.

Harry Connick Jr.-A Spoonful Of Sugar

Of course you know with Harry Connick Jr. anything he does is awesome, but this little rendition of “A Spoonful Of Sugar” blew us away more than we expected. I think we’ll be singing this version for a while.

Bunny Wailer-Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase? This reggae version of the song just seems to fit so perfectly, they must of put the wrong version in.