In the music business four years is a long time. It’s a place where in a span of a week a new “hit” band can be named and another forgotten. So when bands take a break or wait around to release new music, it’s almost a guess as to whether people will continue to follow them. But one band we are glad to see is releasing a new album soon is Spoon.

Who? You’ll recognize this native Austin Texas band by some of their more popular hits like “The Underdog”, “Don’t You Evuh”, and “I Turn My Camera On” which also happened to appear on the popular tv show Veronica Mars. But that’s not the only time they’ve been featured on television; their music has been heard on The Simpsons, Numb3ers, House, How I Met Your Mother, and even movies like (500) Days of Summer and 17 Again. Don’t think they are just a soundtrack band though, these guys are so much more than that. These guys have been around since 1993, proving themselves forever imprinted on the lives and memories of many. They’ve released a total of 7 albums so far, with the 8th to be released later this year, and have worked their way up the charts and off of the shelves. Just their latest album Transference, released in 2010, made it’s way to the number 4 position on the billboard charts and sold around 53,000 copies in the first week. Not too bad for any band.

With the announcement of their newest album They Want My Soul fans can excitedly prepare for the awesomeness that is sure to be this new album. Pre-orders are already being taken so be sure to purchase yours today!

To pre-order their latest album and find out all of the latest news from Spoon, check out their website here.