It is sad news for everyone to hear that the last living member from hit punk rock classic the Ramones, Tommy Ramone, passed over the weekend at the age of 65, after a long fight with bile duct cancer.

Growing up in Queens New York, Tommy Ramone became friends with the future members of the Ramones at an early age. The guys would go to shows together before eventually getting together to form their own band, changing music history forever. Although he started out as the bands manager, he quickly got changed to drummer in order for singer Joey to concentrate more on his vocals. His style of drumming for punk rock music became the new standard for the genre after. Tommy wasn’t just a drummer though, he helped produce the first three albums from the band along with writing some of their hit songs including “I Want To Be Your Boyfriend”. Later in 1978, after four years as the bands drummer, Tommy left the band but continued to help them out, producing much of their later work as well.

Be sure to check out one of their biggest hits “Blitzkreig Bop” below in Tommy’s honor.