Many bands are known for supporting different causes. From animal rights to helping children, but not many bands actually name their band after a cause. Indie folk band, The National Parks, however did just that. Members Brady Parks, Sydney Macfarlane, and Bae Sorenson are the trio that make up this band that many people are calling something between the Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men. Not a bad comparison, considering both have had hit songs topping the charts. So where did this band come from?

All students from BYU, this group of friends began playing music together as a band in 2013. Unlike many bands, their focus hasn’t been so much just for the fame but for the ability to spread a good message to the world, which actually might be helping them. As you might imagine as well, these guys find much of their inspiration from nature and national parks, which is why in January with the release of their single “As We Ran” all of the money they made from the first month of sells went directly to the National Parks Conservation Association. That is true dedication. Since then they have released their debut album Young, which reached #16 on the itunes charts, and have been receiving nothing but good praise from all over. While they plan on making more albums at some point, their current project is a film series called The National Park Experience. This film will include amazing people doing amazing things at America’s national parks. This project was launched on kickstarter and currently has over $35,000 dollars invested with over 400 people backing it up.

Be sure to like them on facebook, donate if you can to their kickstarter project, and check out their hit “As We Ran” below!