ALBUM REVIEW: Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem


The-Gaslight-Anthem-Get-HurtThe Gaslight Anthem have come a long way since their last “punk” album “American Slang” (2010). The former-punk outfit have consistently been moving away from their old sound and embracing a more modern rock sound. The last album “Handwritten” (2012) showed a more mellow side to the band’s sound, a sound they continue to explore and grow in on their new album “Get Hurt”.

Some fans and critics have openly knocked the new album for its “in-cohesive sound” and calling the album an experiment “gone awry” for the band. However, regardless of the critiques on sound, there has to be something said for the album as it carries a strong theme of love, loneliness, regret and second chances that stands alone. The Gaslight Anthem have consistently been able to deliver albums that thrive with strong themes and “Get Hurt” is no different.

Opening track “Stay Vicious” and title track “Get Hurt” showcase a smoother, melodic modern rock approach. “Red Violins” borders on a country/folk ballad with a classic rock spin. “Helter Skeleton”, “Rollin’ and Tumblin”, “Dark Places” and “Ain’t That Shame” all pay homage to their former punk sound but with a modern rock twist as they deliver that rage and energy fans have come to know and love. “Underneath the Ground” and “Break Your Heart” drift dreamily in time with Brian Fallon’s effortless croon as he warbles broken-hearted musings over a bittersweet melody

But just because The Gaslight Anthem are getting away from their punk roots sound-wise doesn’t mean that the band is no longer delivering rip-roaring tracks that are going to be crowd pleasers at a live show. The band delivers the same rage and energy as they did on previous albums but with a more mature, more thoughtful approach to emotion and lyrics.

“Get Hurt” is now available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon as well as for streaming on Spotify. The band will be touring The US and Canada starting in September before heading off on a European tour later in the fall. Keep tracks of all tour dates on the band’s website.



The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt