thomyorkeLeave it to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to surprise us with not only a new album, but also a new way to digest music. With the release of Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, Yorke has directed our attention to BitTorrent, which gives us cheap music quickly, fulfilling our most basic needs as modern music consumers. 

You can purchase and stream the entire album for a whopping $6, the price of a meal at your favorite fast-food restaurant. Instant Thom Yorke gratification through the most efficient way an album has been released maybe ever.

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is an 8-track album that gives its listeners a taste of everything Thom Yorke while piquing our interest in what Radiohead may be up to as they record songs for their upcoming project. The structure of the album ebbs and flows exactly how one would hope for when listening to Thom Yorke, and its production and rhythmical beauty shan’t be overlooked. 8 interesting tracks (plus some other fun musical candy) for $6. Sounds like modern music to me. Head on over to to download it now!

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