Lorde-Yellow-Flicker-Beat-2014-1500x1500Lorde followed in the steps of her celeb-bestie Taylor Swift when she contributed her cover of Tears For FearsEverybody Wants To Rule The World,” to the last Hunger Games movie soundtrack. History repeats itself, as the teen sensation is contributing a brand new original song, “Yellow Flicker Beat,” to the new Hunger Games movie Mockingjay Part One soundtrack. The song is Lorde at her finest, with melancholy vocals over a creepy-catchy beat that slowly builds into a bona fide banger. Don’t be surprised to see a trailer for the new movie feature the song, as it’s perfectly tailored for such an affair.

lorde-yellow-flicker-beat-mockingjay-part-1The song opens with nothing but Lorde singing over her own low-key crooning. Slowly but surely, drums, synths, and more vocal harmonies creep into the track, before the chorus blossoms into a dreamy, trance-like dance song. The song isn’t necessarily one you might hear bumping in the clubs, although it’s sure to be remixed into that sort of song a few times over. We’re sure Lorde is probably happier it happened that way though, with her rebellious outsider attitude. The song isn’t much of a departure from the sound she explored on her phenomenal debut “Pure Heroine” but, it is most certainly an enhancement. The talented young songstress is clearly a fast learner, and if this song is any indicator, she won’t be suffering from the dreaded sophomore slump on her chart topping album’s follow-up.

Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat (From The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1) (Audio)