eeries1aThe Eeries have burst onto the scene taking the tools of the internet to share their music, which led to immediate exposure on the traditional means of local radio. The Los Angeles-based band accomplished this while still an unsigned band and only having been together for less than a year. The Eeries anonymously uploaded their track, “Cool Kid” onto the web without any photos, bio or information other than the band name.

As the track gained momentum in plays, Gerard Way, formerly of My Chemical Romance, praised the band via Twitter-

The recognition gave the band the higher profile needed to get the attention of Los Angeles rock radio station, KROQ to add the song into their rotation. The band opened for Way during his recent US tour and are planning for the release of their full-length album early 2015.

B-Sides On-Air caught up with The Eeries during their first tour stop with Gerard Way. The band spoke about their formation, future plans, movies that make them cry and more!

Check out the interview-

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - The Eeries Talk Origins, Cool Kid, Movies

The Eeries - Cool Kid (Audio)