xtrmstThe first video from XTRMST, the straight edge hardcore band made up of Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget of AFI has been released. The band has been in the making since 2012 and represents the straight edge lifestyle Havok and Puget have been a part of for most of their lives. The track, “Conformist” is featured on the band’s self-titled debut album set to be released on November 17, 2014. Noted Havok, “Jade and I have been talking about starting a straight edge hardcore band for years. We started writing and recording in early 2012 and chose the name XTRMST because it expresses the messages represented on the record. The straight edge movement is not one of moderation. It’s based in undeniable objective truths.”

The album will be released via Dim Mak Records, the indie label founded by DJ/producer (and former member of hardcore band This Machine Kills) Steve Aoki. Regarding his involvement, Aoki stated, “I met Davey a while back and we bonded over our shared experiences in straight-edge culture. We found a lot of kinship there, and so it made sense for us to release an album that represents the spirit of what originally birthed Dim Mak.”

XTRMST - "Conformist" (Official Music Video) | Dim Mak Records

“XTRMST” Tracklisting:
1. Words For the Unwanted

2. Conformist

3. Social Deathplay

4. Merciless

5. Exterminate

6. Sharper

7. Extremist

8. The Breed

9. Humanity

10. The Way

11. Swallow Your God

12. Dirty Nails

13. Juliets

14. Coward Bow Your Head