Blossoms is a group of talented musicians from the UK. Tom Ogden, Charlie Salt, Josh Dewhurst, Joe Donovan and Myles Kellock are all here for a purpose. They have been around since 2013 and have been at in nonstop. A lot of their influences come from movie soundtracks and the wild west era. They not only are wise but extremely funny as well. B-Sides spoke with the band during their SXSW appearance about their impressions of the U.S., rap music and more!


B-Sides: Welcome to Texas, is this y’alls first time here?  Also, what was the type of food you were looking forward to trying the most?

Blossoms: – this is our first time in the United States ever. We wanted BBQ! We stopped at Ruby’s and the brisket there was good.  They smoke it for about 18 hours! We were also introduced to this drink, Big Red.

B-Sides: Why did you write, “Cut me and I’ll bleed”? What’s the story behind it?

Blossoms: It’s a metaphor like, I’m just the same as anyone else. Lyrically cut me and I’ll bleed means if you’ve been hurt by someone before, you’re a bit apprehensive about getting with the next person. It’s like you’re saying to them,  “Don’t hurt me cause you’ll make me cry.” If I cut Joey he’ll bleed, if I cut you you’ll bleed, we’re all the same.

B-Sides: Is there any artists here you’re looking forward to watching?

Blossoms: Zombies, Dead Sara, The Krypts and some other bands from the UK. We saw Soak last night, that girl is a genius.
We have these artists wristbands but we don’t get any special access.  It’s good that we’re all treated the same unless Snoop walks in then obviously he doesn’t have to wait.

B-Sides: What else do y’all do besides play music?

Blossoms: This is it. When you’re so involved with this, you don’t have time. We all have our own interests and we’d love to get more involved, but when you’re in a band like this,  you vow to get the best of it. You have to live and breathe it for however long it takes.  We’ve been doing it for 2 years and now we got to Texas. Some of our hobbies tie into this.  Tom makes videos and he does our music videos.

B-Sides: Which rap songs do you know all the lyrics to?

Blossoms: We have a few. Warning and Nasty Girl by Notorious BIG, Without me by Eminem, Still D.R.E, The next episode by Dr. Dre, and  Regulators by Warren G. Blondie was actually the first pop culture rap,  she took influences from others and put it into the song Rapture.

These guys are definitely one of a kind. Each of them brings their own vibe to the group and that’s what makes them so extraordinary.  If you missed them at SXSW, you can check them out on Spotify or YouTube.

Blossoms - 'Cut Me And I'll Bleed'


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