Until the Ribbon Breaks is a British band that originally started off as a solo act. Pete Winfield is the mastermind behind the group. Later James Gordon and Elliot Wall joined the band. Their music can be described as EDM mixed into pop, hip-hop and rock. In 2013, Lorde invited them to go on her American tour. These guys have a passion for what they do and you can tell by just listening to their music. The band performed at SXSW 2015, where B-Sides caught up with them to talk about their music, comic book heroes and more!

B-sides: Welcome to Texas!  How has y’alls experience been so far and how does this year compare to 2014?

UTRB: We love Texas! It feels a lot mellower actually, in a nice way.

B-sides: Why did you decide to play this style of music?

UTRB: I don’t think it was ever a conscious decision. We just make the music that comes out of us.

B-sides: Do you have a favorite type of music you like to listen to?

UTRB: All of our tastes vary a lot, but in a good way. If the artist is good, then it’s good. If I had to pick it would be Paul Simon and Michael Jackson. It’s hard to pick because we all go through different periods in our lives.

B-sides: Do you feel your taste in music influences the music you make?

UTRB: I think Paul Simon did lyrically, he manages to talk about himself and life around him but does it with mystery. He’s an amazing character writer and observes people really well.

B-sides: In the album, “The Lesson Unlearnt”, which song was your favorite to compose?

UTRB: The making of music is a lot about process of elimination, you take stuff out until it makes sense. The one I didn’t have to do that for is Perspective. It just fell together, we didn’t go too mental about it. The first track is pretty simple too, we were set up in this little cottage in the middle of England on top of this granite landscape. We sat in the studio and did loads of work, but that one song was the moment. The mic was on, the piano was there and production wise it was the least produced.  We just sat there and it sort of just came out in one swift.

B-sides: Whose side are you on,  DC or Marvel?

UTRB: 2 for DC and 1 for Marvel.

Elliot: Spider-Man is sick. He’s not just a suit, he had the powers in him. Spider-Man is the man!

Jim: That’s why I like Batman because he doesn’t have powers. He’s just living a dream.

Pete: Batman, definitely for me.


These guys had me cracking up during this interview.  They really  know how to create different works of art with different types of music. From mixing up different genres to making a masterpiece out of them. You can check out their latest album, “A Lesson Unlearnt ” on Spotify or iTunes.

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