twentyonepilots.promo6_Last week Twenty One Pilots released a new single titled Fairly Local along with the official music video. This is the first we’ve seen so far from the new album Blurryface, set to release May 19th.  The song has a brand new sound we haven’t yet heard from the duo, and its instrumentals are reminiscent of Die Antwoord’s style of music. If Fairly Local is any indication of what we’ll see from Blurryface, it’s clear that the album will be straying far from the path Vessel has set them on, which might bode well for them.

Vessel was the duo’s first signed album and holds such songs as Holding on to You that helped the band climb to the top of charts and in popularity. The Quiet is Violent world tour in 2014 was the first the band would headline themselves, and a year later they are preparing to embark on their second headlining tour pending the release of Blurryface. The duo will make an appearance at several music festivals throughout the length of the tour including both Bonaroo and Lollapalooza. Though the magnitude of these big festivals is clear, the importance of smaller music festivals is not overlooked. Playing local festivals has allowed the band to find an audience where they might not have otherwise. With a sound unlike much else in the mainstream, a fan base must be built first before maintaining any sort of relevancy, of which Twenty One Pilots has done an incredible job.

Radio play has helped the band reach new audiences, but playing shows has allowed the duo to gain the momentum needed to sell out shows on their own. The first major tour Twenty One Pilots went on was Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll tour in 2013 and that August they played their first late night show on Conan. As the duo toured both as an opening act and headliner, they continued to release music videos for singles and managed to remain relevant throughout the years. This year’s tour for Blurryface is already gaining national attention as the release date for the album itself approaches. The first leg of the tour kicks off on April 18 in Phoenix and has dates scheduled out until the end of October.

twenty one pilots: Fairly Local [OFFICIAL VIDEO]