Movement Detroit Beatport Stage

Calling all true techno fans: standing apart from all the other festivals this year is definitely Movement Detroit taking place next weekend, May 23- 25th in Hart Plaza, Chicago. An immense lineup featuring all of the best techno DJs will leave you in awe.

Alongside mainstream artists ,Movement Detroit 2015 will be featuring techno pioneers that you cannot miss.

First up is Dixon. The German DJ and producer was one of the founders of music label ‘Innervisions’. He has been nominated for best breakthrough DJ and for best Deep House DJ. His hour long sets bring you the soulful and deeper side of house with a touch of techno. Definitely brings excitement to all house fans that love the smoother side of things.

Another artist bubbling up anticipation is Dirtybird’s Paul Woolford. The UK dance producer has been a weekly resident at the ‘WeloveSpace’ party in Ibiza since 2008.  Woolford has participated in many tours to play guest spots bringing him a worldwide audience. He also has his own record label- Intimacy.

Regis, also known as Karl O’Connor, is known to many as one of the more creative forces within the British techno/electro scene. His trademark layered and tonal sounds have forged a new product that brought together Chicago house with dark European forces. With sets that are completely abrasive and punishing, Regis is be sure to enrapture all ears in the room.

Presenting the ‘Made In Detroit’ stage to close out the festival on Monday is a line up of artist from Detroit that represent the essence of Detroit techno. This stage was curated by Kevin Saunderson who is considered by many to be one of the originators of Detroit techno. Having helped reshape the future of dance music, Saunderson will be having his own set that will not only help you reminisce but will also show you what the future of EDM has to offer.

Another techno pioneer to look forward to is Derrik May. Deemed to be the developer of the futuristic alternative to house, May is said to have been one of the first techno DJs. He now produces what he refers to as Hi-Tek Soul which could be described as an elevator experimental synthesizer infused with soul.

Another founder of an EDM genre is Floorplan. Better known as Robert Hood, the Detroit veteran is said to be the first to have produced minimal techno. He paved the way for many other similar sounds in the mid nineties and continues to do so with his emphasis on soul and experimentational sounds. With years of music under his belt, his set will for sure be full of new sounds to ease the soul.

What separates Movement Festival from other large music events is there is more legitimate disk jockeys than there are music producers. A perfect example of this is Ben UFO. The DJ god is one of the few british DJs to have made a name for himself without having to enter the world of production. By blending the UK bass music with new techno and house influences, Ben UFO has broken down many boundaries. He has become a genre-defying DJ that has set a standard for forward thinking electronic fans.

There are many more great artist to look forward to in Detroit this Memorial Day weekend. With after parties left and right, it will be hard to catch everyone. Other big names on the lineup include Disclosure, Soul Clap, Richie Hawtin, Art Department, Luciano and more. Check out the line-up and schedule below: