prioryThe track “Weekend” by Priory has become an anthem for many a hard worker trying to make ends meet. The Portland-based duo comprised of Kyle Sears and Brandon Rush had run into each other in the early 2000s at various shows around town forming a friendship that would lead to forming the band. It would take some time for the band to find their sound, as well as sacrifices to keep the band afloat. Having released their debut album, Need To Know in April 2015, Priory is battle-tested, determined and has the momentum of music fans who can relate to their story, behind them.

B-Sides caught up with Priory during their San Francisco date to talk about what it was like living together, writing “Weekend”, making the album and more!

B-Sides On-Air: Interview- Priory Talk Album, Beginnings

Priory - Weekend [Official Music Video]