Electric_Forest_FestivalElectric Forest 2015 is bringing its magic and beauty to Michigan’s Sherwood Forest this weekend. A diverse and psychedelic combustion of a line up has brought all ear and eyes to the sold out festival. With so many great performances ahead, make sure to catch these artists.

Nick Monaco– The personification of Soul Clap records is this red lipped producer. His vibes are funky, dark and weird. Inspired to be unlike everyone else, Monaco has songs that might become a bit repetitive but in a live set, they will get you dancing and enjoying awkward moments on the dance floor. Check out Freak Flag; a personal favorite.

 Slow Magic is true to its name. Think trance if it had taken a muscle relaxer. The euphoric and experimental tunes bring a meditative state that influences a happy mood. The progressive songs have congo, mediterranean sounds that make you appreciate the beats from around the world coming together to make a new experience. Its romantic and magical.

Sango will remind you of The Weeknd because of the great strong vocals that interact so well to the slow vibes. The airy bass is great as it infuses with soul and drums. The random trap rhythms will bring out the best from a live performance as the crowd dances while seeing the talent on stage from all the great artists featured in each song.

Papadosio has a familiar sound but holds the element of surprise. It’s light to the ears but the dubstep edge they have creates great energy. The band infused with groovy vibes on  piano riffs make you think of Pretty Light’s cousin if they had a live jazz band jamming while under an electric forest .


Galantis– All their songs are going to put a smile on your face because not only are they lyrically beautiful but they mostly consist of upbeats. They play around with different styles they like- groove, electro, progressive. The main thing that seperates them from other artists is their ability  to create a good time. Their singles ‘You’ and ‘Runaway (U&I)’ have brought them attention from fans all over the world. Their newest single is just as good.


Marty Party– Their trap isn’t too much, and just enough. They bring you good dubstep that doesn’t all sound the same. They experimented with different beats and weirds sounds so you don’t get bored. Their style truly is unique as you can hear in their latest album.


Teemid is known for remixing songs and giving them a funky and progressive touch. The underdone that he adds  pulls you into a trance. Its one of those sets that you can listen to in your car or in a nightclub at 1 a.m.

Four Tet– Imagine you’re in a mysterious forest that is completely lit up with different colors and art everywhere; you’d probably have Four tet playing in the background. Their liquid style is soothing and worth catching live for the experience they create.

Lindsey Sterling– The talented and beautiful violinist goes harder than anyone in the forest. The striking beauty of the violin mixed in with dubstep psychedelic beats is amazing. Her biggest hit Crystallize has over 124 million views on YouTube.