Into the sunBassnectars released his 16 track album ‘Into the Sun’ onto the web waves a few days ago. It’s a psychedelic ride through time and space; Bassheads rejoice!

Bassnectar’s latest album, Into the Sun, is an intense 16 track journey. Each song has a life of its own and they each tell a seperate story. Overall, the album is futuristic and a bit dark. It would play well behind a sci-fi drama set in another planet. He incorporates video game sounds with accordions, airy vocals, heavy bass and much more.

True to his style, each song in the new album has its own particular voice. The first three songs set the mood and have become personal favorites. ‘Chasing heaven’ is the first track in the album. This song sends you through space because of its delicate transitions that remind you of twinkling stars. It is then greeted by the trancy ‘Into the son’. This single carries a punch after melodic vocals that make you sway from side to side. After the mystery and beauty settles, ‘Speakerbox’ reminds you that Bassnectar can’t leave a crowd without some kind of sassy touch.

There are five old songs that Bassnectar bring back to life in the newest release. He remixes old favorites with new sounds that he gave birth to throughout the album. Out of those, the most commonly recognized is ‘Blow’. The song that begins as a voice recording blooper has been revamped to fit the futuristic and darker sound that “Into the Sun” revolves around.

In continuation to his 2014 album ‘NSVB- 2014 Noise vs Beauty’, Bassnectar goes through a series of sounds. The album glides through dark downtempo, dubstep, trap, hip hop, rock and house themes. Even though each song is separately distinct, the all come together to create an experience. This is further hinted in the last song of the album, ‘Mixtape 13’. This last track is a one hour plus song that incorporates all the songs from “Into the Sun’ into one. The mix transitions all the songs together creating an auditory performance unlike any other.

After much anticipation, the basshead held several internet parties for fans to have an exclusive listening experience. Giveaways and contests have increased interactivity between the fans and the artist in the past couple of days. This mystical album does not disappoint as it creates a familiar yet new experience that welcomes all type of music fanatics.  What is referred to as “amorphous” music is a strain of songs that compose an album worthy of a soundtrack. Catch all his tunes below.