VIDEO: Interview – Lenka Talks The Bright Side

lenkaAfter just a two year hiatus, Lenka is back with her latest album, The Bright Side. The Australian singer/songwriter/actress experienced great success in 2008 music debut with the song, “The Show”, which had been used in numerous television shows and advertising campaigns. The current album finds Lenka optimistic about life while showcasing her interest in experimenting with different sounds that range from folk-pop to more electronic and atmospheric numbers.

Lenka performed an acoustic version of “Blue Skies” for B-Sides On-Air at Brick and Mortar in San Francisco. Afterwards, B-Sides On-Air host, Pete Mar spoke with Lenka about her approach to writing the album and more.

Check out the interview:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Lenka Talks "Blue Skies", Songwriting

B-Sides On-Air: Lenka Performs "Blue Skies"