2015 Lollapalooza: Must See Hip-Hop Acts

Lollapalooza, Chicago’s biggest and most exciting  music festival is back this year with another amazing lineup.  Set to take place in Grants Park  across eight different stages, This year’s lineup tries to top the hometown favorite from last year Chance The Rapper, whose energetic show stole the show from the headliners.  The festival is huge and  has artists from almost  every genre,  so at times it can be hard to decide who to see.  Well, fear no more cause here is a list of the must see hip-hop acts at 2015 Lollapalooza.


1. Asap Rocky- Rocky has been a huge name in Hip-Hop since his emergence in early 2011. Since then he has released two solid albums and continued building his budding fan base. Rocky’s music takes influence from all over and it’s hard to keep him in a box. Musically you can expect some hard-hitting production and a smooth flow.  Rocky just recently released his sophomore album At.Long.Last.A$AP, check out the single “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2” below.



A$AP Rocky - Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2) (Official Video)

2. Flying Lotus- The mysterious and laidback persona of flying lotus has raised a lot of questions, many of which have not been answered. Early in his career he stayed as far away from the spotlight as he could, however in recent months has come a little more from the shadows. In 2014 he helped Kendrick Lamar on the critically Acclaimed To Pimp A Butterfly. Flylos’s music is often psychedelic and dreamy production, usually not much lyrical content. While musically he’s great what he does behind the scenes for his label Brainfeeder, who has signed both the Underachievers and Thundercat, is what is most important.  At 31 years old Flylo is at a point in which he wants to groom the new talent of the youth as well as give alternative Hip-Hop a home.   In  terms of a set expect  a lot of instrumentals and experimental production  like on his single “Never Catch me” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar

3. G-Eazy – The California born emcee has been grinding for over 10 years and just recently saw the success he has always wanted. In 2014, His debut studio album These Things Happen was received very well by fans and critics alike.  His smash single  “I Mean It” Charted very well and solidified him in the industry with a radio hit.  G-Eazy has easily accessible music and has a good balance of concert bangers and lyrical content.  His performance for songs like “lotta that” and  “I mean it” will create some pretty amazing energy in the crowd and make for an awesome set.

G-Eazy - I Mean It (Official Video) ft. Remo

4. Kid Cudi- The Cleveland based rapper first got noticed in 2009 with his hit single ” Day n Night” and in turn got signed to Kanye Wests G.O.O.D Music. Since then Cudi has released 4 more solo albums all of which being received pretty well.  In 2013, He decided to leave G.O.O.D music and take over his brand and creativity completely.  Fans are currently  awaiting his new album Speedin Bullet to Heaven. In recent projects Cudi  likes working with experimental production and melodies. Some songs are just pure production while others combine his creative producing skills with his rapping and singing skills.  Check out this  awesome fan made video for “Satellite Flight” from his latest project.

5. Logic- After a series of critically acclaimed mixtapes, The Baltimore born emcee recently signed to Def Jam Records in 2013. Logic is skilled in many aspects of music, but nothing shines brighter than his dazzling rapping abilities. On many songs, Logic displays a spitfire flow and amazing ability to control the beat. Logic does a great job of using his voice as his instrument and this is shown all throughout his debut album Under Pressure.  These  impressive rapping skills are shown blatantly on songs like ” Bounce” and “Gang Related”

Logic - Gang Related (Official Audio)

6. Mick Jenkins- Jenkins is one of the smaller names in the lineup however, this is balanced out due to it being in his hometown of Chicago. His 2013 mixtape entitled The Waters was received very well and launched him into touring with the likes of Joey Badass and Pro Era.  His Waves EP is one of the most anticipated projects of the year and a lot of people in the industry are very excited about this young emcee.  Jenkins does a great job of combining social and political activism while also keeping listeners entertained with quality songs and subject matter.  Check out  the video for “Dehydration”  below.

Mick Jenkins ft. theMIND - "Dehydration" (Official Music Video)

7. Raury – Raury is the youngest person on this list and is actually rather new to the music industry. After releasing a 6 song Ep entitled Indigo Child, Raury signed to Columbia Records the same year. In 2015, he was named a member of the XXL Freshman class and his buzz continues growing bigger and bigger. Musically Raury combines Hip-Hop with elements of Rock, Folk, and just about anything else he wants to in order to create a fresh new sound. This new genre blending  sound can be heard on his singles “Gods Whisper” and “Devils Whisper” from his highly anticipated next project.

Raury - God's Whisper (Official Video)

8. SZA- SZA is an American singer and songwriter who first emerged onto the scene when she signed with Top Dawg Entertainment in 2013. SZA blends together a slew of different genres in a beautiful and elegant way.  Her voice is  powerful and sexy at times while her lyrics are very deep and personal.  Her debut EP on Top Dawg Entertainment was entitled  Z,  and it showcased her talented vocal skills matched with some cutting edge production. Check out one of the biggest songs off of the album, “Babylon” by SZA featuring Kendrick Lamar.

9. Travis Scott- Is a Houston born emcee who has recently seen a lot of success in the new mainstream of rappers. With recent features from 2 Chainz and Future, Scott’s fame has been steadily rising since being signed by G.O.O.D Music.  His latest project Days Before The Rodeo was released in 2014 and features fellow up and coming emcees Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan. Scott is a versatile artist who is expected to do big things this year.  Check Out Mamacita featuring Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan

Travis Scott - Mamacita ft. Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug

10.  Tyler the Creator- Tyler the Creator is a California Born artist who burst onto the scene in 2011 with his dark and twisted video for the song “Yonkers,” a video which has racked up nearly 80 million views.  Since then Tyler has been touring religiously and has released two more studio albums.  Fans of Tyler know he is loud and extravagant,  so expect the unexpected at his show.  Musically he  is very talented, he produces all of his own beats and definitely has a few concert bangers for the shows.  Check out Domo 23 from His 2013 Album Wolf.

Tyler, The Creator - Domo 23

11. Young Thug- Thug may be the biggest name in rap this summer and he has done it in a very controversial way.  After speculation of getting  signed to Cash Money Records, which later was found to be untrue,  he then started a beef with longtime Cash Money artist Lil Wayne which in turn only fueled his buzz.  Thug pushes boundaries both musically and socially in the way he writes music.  He uses a lot of auto tune and a deep southern accent to accentuate his voice and make it sound like nothing else in the business. Young Thug is most known for his debut single “Stoner” which currently has nearly 30 million views.

Young Thug - Stoner