Top 15 Summer Songs: August Edition

13064959835_e182230f4a_zEach year, August brings with it that bittersweet realization that summer is coming to a close.  Nostalgia for crazy nights, road trips, and perfect days begins to creep up as you begin to wonder where the past few months have gone.  But don’t start mourning just yet!  Plenty of time remains for a few more shenanigans and we’ve even got you covered with a playlist.

1.  Major Lazer Feat. Mo – Lean On (Juicy Cola Rework) 

Just when you thought you were about to get sick of this song, we found you a remix just as catchy.  It brings about perfect vacation vibes, making it a good choice for relaxing by the pool or putting on your playlist for that last-minute trip.  Now if only we could find the cure for Trap Queen…


2.  Penguin Prison – Show Me The Way 

Classic feel-good indie rock with an electronic spin makes this a new favorite.  This song just feels like it would have been perfect for an episode of The O.C.   If you never watched the O.G. of summer shows, this song will still create the desire to hit up a casual BBQ or find a random sailboat to cruise around on.


3.  Deorro & Will Sparks Feat. IEZ – Haterz (Original Mix) 

Heading out for the night?  Throwing a house party? This bouncy beat is a party-starter from two DJs who could be considered experts on just that.  Just be sure to keep in mind the lessons you learned from Project X.

Deorro & Will Sparks ft. IEZ - Haters (Original Mix)


4.  Young Brother – Kamikaze (Urban Contact Remix)

This indie dance remix by Vienna-based duo, Urban Contact, is super catchy and perfect for a windows-down day.  However, it may induce bouts of dancing at red lights as well as some sing-alongs.  Just don’t be surprised when you realized you’ve memorized all the words in one day.


5.  The Hood Internet – I Don’t F**k With Classics (Big Sean x The Knocks 

Just like Lean On, you may have gotten a wee bit tired of turning on your radio to hear Big Sean yell at you.  So here’s a new spin on the crowd favorite.  Liven up any party but pressing play and then watching everyone bond over being able to yell the lyrics.

The Hood Internet - I Don't Fuck With Classics (Big Sean x The Knocks)


6.  Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt (The Him Remix) 

In it’s original state, this song is a definite contender for a ton of people’s summer 2015 jam.  Love it but fear the thought of being “basic”?  Problem solved.

Maroon 5 - This Summer's Gonna Hurt (The Him Remix)


7.  CAZZETTE Feat. Newtimers – Together 

Deep house vibes make this song great for day or night.  Wake everyone up after a day of sun or even attempt to make your errands/commute more fun.  You won’t get sick of it before hearing it in that night’s DJ set at whichever club or festival you find yourself at.

CAZZETTE - Together ft. Newtimers (Official Video)


8.  James Young – I’ll Be Good (LYNOS Remix)

This remix is another option for any laid-back moments.  Original, thoughtful lyrics are often hard to come by and this song doesn’t skimp.  Coupled with great music and the voice of someone other than Ed Sheeran yields a pretty amazing combination.

Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good (LYNOS Remix)


9.  D.Veloped – Brassified Information

This LA-based duo have become the mash-up pros you wish you knew.  This track is a great reminder that everyone loves a great throwback, but gets easily obsessed with a skillful mashup of several.  Be prepared to feel really cool when you tell people who ask that “No, this is not Girltalk”.

Brassified Information - D.Veloped HQ w/ Download


10.  The Magician – Together (Extended Mix) 

It is hard to describe this song as anything but totally different and just plain good.  Chances are you, you will probably be reminded of that 80’s electropop song you have as a guilty pleasure.  No judgement, but this will be just as hard to get out of your head.

The Magician - Together


11.  Croatia Squad – All The Girlz (Original Mix)

Never been to Ibiza?  No problem.  Capture the euro festival vibe with this track that is too fun not to love.  This song can also be a great tool in mood boosting, especially if you are in the company with someone who you feel is a little on the serious side and you need some entertainment.


12.  Don Diablo Feat. Emeni – Universe

If house music and party anthems are your thing, this is your song.  Be prepared to lose it when it drops even if you are just at the gym with your headphones in.  Speaking from experience, there will be many, many replays.

Don Diablo feat. Emeni - Universe (Official Music Video)


13.  Jack U – Take U There Feat. Kiesza (Tchami Remix)

Again, it is hard to describe or compare this track to anything but a good time.  With a dirty but smooth drop, it will help you turn up without resulting to straight up dubstep.  It sounds unreal coming at you through headphones, so turn this on when you’ve got a little waking up to do.


14.  Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Uncle Fritz Remix) 

What would this playlist be without the quintessential summer song?  We had to keep it fresh and new, so here’s a revamped version.  There’s a strong chance you might never listen to the original again.

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Uncle Fritz Remix)


15.  Late Night Alumni – The This This (Kaskade Remix) Kaskade has come to be known for pairing up with a variety of lesser-known artists to deliver a product that appeals to the masses.  He lives up to reputation with this smooth track that reminds us why he’s a favorite.  It’s a perfect choice for winding down your day or night, your summer, and this playlist.

Late Night Alumni - The This This (Kaskade Remix)