0005528727_10Latterman fans rejoice, Phil Douglas, Mattie Canino, and Pat Schramm have reunited once more as Tender Defender, the spiritual successor to their former band. By the sound of it, the trio are set to pick up right where Latterman left off.

A quick recap: Latterman, the 4-piece from Huntington New York quickly became known for their staple melodic punk sound and socially conscious/political lyrics. After a few albums, the band called it quits over an label conflicts and an inherent misunderstanding of their message and intentions by fans. In the fallout, the members moved on to new music endeavors; Douglas, Canino, and Schramm would go on to form Iron Chic, RVIVR, and Bridge and Tunnel respectively.

And now the trio are back and ready to introduce Tender Defender. Tender Defender came about in a very organic way, as the result of a series of hangout sessions between the bandmates. With this announcement, the band gave a taste of what they’ve been up to all this time in the form of the new track, ‘Hello Dirt’. One of the best things that can be said about this song (and there are many) is that it doesn’t just sound  like a Latterman song, dueling vocals and all. ‘Hello Dirt’ manages to also exemplify a logical progression of that sound.

According to Tender Defender’s Bandcamp page, they are planning to release a 12” mini LP late 2015. So be on the lookout for that later this year and listen to ‘Hello Dirt’ below.

Tender Defender - Hello Dirt