asdfadsfadsfFrench Canadian heavyweight producer and DJ is not taking it slow this tour. As ironic as it sounds, Snails is going fast through his stops leaving fans in awe as he drops off the newest and dirtiest beats this year. After much practice in his first round, the Snailin USA Part 2 tour is full of pro sounds.

Going off until late October, Montreal native Fredrik Durand is visiting cities in his second tour this year. With great success and positive feedback during his first round, Snails is back with his unique “vomitstep” sounds that could also be mistakenly called his “snail” sound. Along Trollphase and other guests, this tour is one for the dirty bass books. 

With remixes that kill and originals that rise the dead, Snail’s sets consist of heavy bass that creeps up on you after slow steady hip hop rhythms. His signature off-kilter sound is what has made him as distinct as his name. The strange machinery noise is penetrated in almost all his songs.

His forward thinking brand of dance music united heavy EDM fans once again. Since his first releases in 2012, he has been featured in several festivals and shows increasing his fan base by a significant amount. Side by side with old timers like Skrillex, Datsik, Flosstradamus and Excision, his growing popularity is not easy to ignore.

DSC_0031After joining OWSLA, the young producer has been able to follow his signature sound to new heights. His latest originals have been praised all over the internet waves as they grew viral within days. His tracks “WILD“and “King is Back“, are perfect examples to prove so. 

His sample manipulation is artistic and poetic as he creates a leads with a big build up and minimal drop- what he personally calls a “movement dynamic.” The strange ‘plim’ and ‘plops’ immersed in trap production leads to believe his music is within a unique genre. He has called his own stuff “vomit step” for that exact reason and so, continues to ride that wave.

That off-kilter sound design will continue blasting the snail fast past the finish line as he dashes through his tour to the top of the charts.

Make sure to catch him at any of these stops and here’s a personal favorite; Snails featuring Big Gigantic in “Funk With Me.”