P1010715 To describe George Lewis Jr. as talented is very plainly an understatement.  Known on stage as Twin Shadow, the rocker is magnetic but also as mysterious as his stage name.  After a serious tour bus accident which forced him to cancel multiple shows and undergo reconstructive had surgery, he returned to Dallas on Friday to the warm welcome of many loyal fans.


P1010708Twin Shadow released his first album, Eclipse with Warner Brothers earlier this year and the single “To the Top” has had people buzzing after being featured in the movie Paper Towns.  Many critics have struggle to define the genre of Eclipse, but everyone seems to be able to agree that, whatever it is, they love it.  His new-wave, contemporary, and synth- drenched sound draws in the listener and demands to be sung aloud, stuck in your head, and danced to in any way that moves you.


PP1010732ersonally, I was able to draw comparisons to acts like the Weekend, Florence + the Machine, and Edward Sharpe all the way to Lenny Kravitz as the night went on.  A talented and humble artist is impressive, but an additionally gifted performer is a hell of a combination.







P1010737A Twin Shadow concert is a true experience.  His bluesy voice and 1980s style combine to create a sound that stands alone.  Friday night’s eclectic set seemed to bounce around from southern rock to groovy blues, taking the crowd all the way back to the good old days of rock n roll. He never missed an opportunity to connect with his fans by reading their notes on stage and thanking everyone for their ongoing support as well as sharing some brand new material he’s recently finished. The captivated crowd hung onto every note and a room full of strangers felt like a gathering of old friends by the last song.