sam feldtDutch producer and DJ, Sam Feldt started out under a different name making more commercial-friendly music, akin to the likes of current EDM stars Calvin Harris, David Guetta and others. As much success and momentum he was gaining, Feldt took a step back and reset on his approach and modified his style towards deep house. He found singer Kimberly Anne on YouTube singing the club classic, “Show Me Love” (originally done by Robyn S) and reached out to her to discuss a collaboration. Feldt made the right choice as his unique take on the song has garnered him lots of attention, giving him a fast-growing fanbase and the foundation to keep growing as an artist.

Sam Feldt is currently on tour with saxophonist, Justin Ward, who performs with Feldt on-stage. Sam spoke with B-Sides host, Pete Mar, at his San Francisco tour stop at The Independent to talk about taking on the classic “Show My Love”, using Twitterbots early on and the mindset of reworking it to be his own.

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Sam Feldt Talks "Show Me Love", Early Beginnings

Sam Feldt - Show Me Love - On Tour ft. Kimberly Anne