Chris BaioChris Baio may be mostly known as the bass-player for the Grammy-award winning Vampire Weekend. However, since 2012, Baio has been working on a solo project, simply called Baio. Inspired by DJ gigs and interest in electronic music, Baio had released various tracks over the years, including the EP Sunburn, and in 2015, his debut, The Names. The material features Baio front and center as the lead singer and an aesthetic he describes, “what I wanted to feel with this record was that it’s not a band record, it’s not a solo record and it’s not a producer record, but a combination of all three. I wanted to create a space where almost anything could happen.”

Chris Baio of Baio spoke with B-Sides host, Pete Mar, during his appearance at the Treasure Island Music Festival 2015. Bay spoke about the change in role as a frontman, making The Names and was a good sport to play a “name-game”.

Check out our chat with Baio and what last names popped up in his mind when given a first name:

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Chris Baio of Baio at Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

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