P1020463R.A.C. took the stage at the Grenada Theater in Dallas as part of the Going Our Own Way Tour.  R.A.C, or
Remix Artist Collective, was started by Andre Allen Anjos in 2007 in Portland as a space for artists to collaborate and remix music.  For the past eight years, R.A.C. has succeeded in making a good song even better without straying too far from the style of the original.

Anjos has collaborated with many indie-pop favorites including St.Lucia, MNDR and Kele Okereke of Bloc Party, as well as Tegan and Sara.  Over the past several years, R.A.C. has become synonymous for catchy remixes that stand out against the typical house and dubstep of today without straying from the same chill, easy-listening style.  R.A.C.’s first full album Strangers dropped only last year and upon first listen, it is very clear that it was well worth the wait.  A strong track list that doesn’t try too hard and is just plain good distinguishes R.A.C. from the tons of new DJs flooding the industry.

When it came time to tour to promote Strangers, Anjos preferred to take along his family and friends instead of flying solo.  On a stormy Sunday evening, the Going Our Own Way Tour made its Dallas stop quite an experience.  With everyone on stage constantly on the move – switching up positions, instruments, and vocals- every song felt new regardless if it was a recent track or an old favorite.  “Let Go”, “Cheap Sunglasses”, “Back of the Car” and “Houdini” had the whole dance hall singing.  Each time Anjos’ wife, Liz of Pink Feathers and known as the Hepburn of indie pop, leant her ethereal vocals to a song, the crowd went insane.

A smaller venue, the Grenada was packed especially for a Sunday night and there was never a shortage of energy.  The crowd’s excitement and enthusiasm never waned throughout the show, with many people climbing up on shoulders and tons of high fives and hand grabs as the stage and the crowd overlapped.  Amazing guitar work by Andre Anjos, the mix of vocals, and an incredible light show left the crowd feeling as though the set had been far-too short.  The show closed with Liz’s cover of The Cranberries “Dreams” and an encore of R.A.C.’s classic, “Hollywood”.  With a setlist that could be anyone’s playlist for anything, R.A.C.’s show was the ultimate Sunday Funday.
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