P1020585It is difficult to confine Denver-based Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats to a single genre. Elements of soul, folk, and southern rock crop up in Missouri- bred Rateliff’s music. Their self-titled debut album dropped in August and after blowing up, the band has been in non-stop touring mode amongst all the buzz for the bluesy tracks that make for easy listening.

Southern rock, homegrown honky-tonk, and modernized soul colors their debut release, drawing fans and praise from all over. This year’s “S.O.B” has been christened the “Rolling in the Deep” of 2016 by Paste, the band can count Jimmy Fallon as a fan, and Rateliff has received several comparisons to Mumford & Sons as well as Van Morrison.

The Night Sweats stopped at Trees in Dallas for a sold-out show that drew in a variety of listeners of all ages. The after-work crowd mingled with students and an even-older crowd effortlessly, with the venue filling up well before Rateliff took the stage. However, a few seconds into the first song, it was clear that the wait had been well worth it. The set was overwhelmingly intimate, as if Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats were just a group of homegrown good ole boys stepping up at their favorite neighborhood bar.

Hand-clapping and foot-stomping was a standard sing-along practice throughout the entire show. However “S.O.B’ took it to a whole new level, displaying the quality of Trees as a venue in addition to the talent and performance skill of the Night Sweats. Despite all the comparisons the band has received in the past few months, their Dallas show is what I would imagine from a real-life Foggy Bottom Boys performance. A Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats brassy bass show is always a good idea and served best with a cold beer.

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