2006 introduced many great new bands and provided a lot of great albums ranging from the debut of Arctic Monkeys to Black Holes and Revelations by Muse, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New, Broken Boy Soldiers by The Raconteurs and Decemberunderground by AFI. Decemberunderground was the follow-up to AFI’s breakthrough album, Sing The Sorrow and catapulted the band’s profile to the mainstream. 

The 10 year anniversary for an album has a lot to say about the particular band’s success. The alternative-rock band, AFI, released Decemberunderground 10 years ago in June of 2006. This album not only debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, but also went Platinum in 2013. Something has to be said about an album that continued such success as the years went on.

AFI is the type of band that can attract any type of music lover. They do not have to be a die hard AFI fan to know the famous hit “Miss Murder”. Who couldn’t love this track? It’s upbeat rhythms and surprisingly playful sound makes for a solid lead single. The rock band produced such a powerful album that it was compared to the renowned, Green Day. As AFI’s style changed, their devoted fans were there along the way supporting their development. Decemberunderground shows the progression the band made and how fans were loyal through it all. Along with “Love Like Winter”, “The Missing Frame” and other tracks, AFI created music that sounds just as good today as it did when they were released.

Nowadays, the music scene witnesses fans drop their favorite bands because of their sound changing over the years. Although AFI’s fan base was developed upon its goth-punk days, the band transformed into something that fans embraced and loved. Incorporating pieces of pop and electronic music was essential to AFI’s growth as well as the rock scenes growth.

Nothing can compare to how music can make someone feel. AFI grasped this and created music that influenced the music listened to today. Even though AFI did not keep its traditional sound that essentially developed their fan base, they were not afraid to branch out and evolve as the world around them did. AFI can be recognized as the band that changed their sound but never forgot where they came from along the way.  Decemberunderground left a mark on the music industry from its great success, loyal fans, and  brave new sound.