921162_489481894545851_8221129182836030833_oTantalizing our earbuds as of late has been the infectious track, “Love You To The Moon” by Ohlayindigo. The Scandinavian-originated, San Francisco-based duo consists of Hanna Ponth (vocals) and Zak Shrapnell (drums), who formed in Liverpool, England. Ponth had attended the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and developed Ohlayindigo as her alter ego, which “she lives out her eccentric dreams and artistic musings”. “The track explores the themes of endless love, and dedication to someone,” explains Shrapnell of the inspiration for “Love You To The Moon”. “It describes how sometimes it can be difficult to explain just how much someone means to you, hence why we sometimes say ‘I love you to the moon and back.'”

Together with Shrapnell, the two came up with the name ‘Ohlayindigo’, laden with meaning: ‘Indigo’ for evoking atmosphere and emotion, which is quintessential in their music, ‘lay’ referring to an old English word for a sung poem, and ‘oh’ for full sound. The band’s debut EP is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2016 but for now just try to get “Love You To The Moon” out of your head.