LIB 2016 lineupIts been heard that music festivals have touched lives. There’s something about being in synch with a large group of people that changes the way people are toward one another. Lightning in a Bottle is an experience that helps guide and reinforce the concepts of personal growth, health, sustainability and creativity. For the duration of 5 days, the central coast of California hosts a place for visionaries, healers, performers and astounding musical acts.

During Memorial Day weekend of each year, Bradley California opens is gates and groups of open minded people flood the lands to create a unique festival experience difficult to compare. Starting with the different camping options, Lightning in a Bottle helps create an environment that separates itself from “reality”. There is a marketplace that is infused with whole hearted vendors bringing community made goods and healthy yet tasty food options.

The Lucent Temple of Consciousness is one of the few areas that feature visionaries and serve as a refuge to those willing to undergo the positive transformation shift through group led activities. Think yoga, meditation, talks, lectures and interactive adventures.ExperiencePage_Temple

There is village that immerses visitors to experience what it would be like to live in a self sustained community. Micro areas in the village guide participants through song, story sharing and ceremony. The sensory overload continues with art installations and art walks that showcase various works of art. The adventure continues as chefs teach how to make nourishing meals in the Learning Kitchen. From smoothies to desserts, your mouth, stomach and body are in for a treat.

The stages at Lightning in a Bottle are parallel to the different areas promoting self awareness. The festival grounds are scattered with performances from all sorts of musical acts to fulfill the liking of all ears. Presenting an array of folk, experimental and electronic music, there is always something to flow with.

Including well known headliners such as Big Gigantic, Jamie XX, Cashmere Cat, Lane 8, Guy Gerber, Mija, Grimes and Tokimonsta; there are many sets to look forward to. With a huge list of names that’s hard to choose favorites from, make sure to check out all artist on the line up and more specifically, these:  

Chet Faker is one of those producers that has songs that everyone knows and likes without knowing it. His song “Gold” is always a good go-to at any time, anywhere. The soothing voice and good slow beats would make you want to layback and jam out.


The Polish Ambassador is not new to the scene. Their songs have been heard all across the airwaves but it’s their newest additions that will set apart this year’s show. With airy and vibey tracks, a nomadic sound is constructed. The positive vocals beautifully give us a great EP:


In a festival filled with mystic surprises, Ekali is a great edition to Lightning in a Bottle. The remixes pervade shamanistic sounds with familiar trap making a magically heavy hybrid.


There is no such thing as a bad time for a dance party. At least thats the message Justin Jay sends in his music. Groovy house mixes start the feet tapping and the bodies sweating on the dance floor.


Space Jesus may be on of my favorite finds in the lineup. Anything but holy or conservative, the long haired producer has sick beats that very well could be from outer space.


When a music set turns into an experience, the artist is doing it right. Coming back to the California festival, the Lucent Dossier Experience brings experimental dubstep bass that makes you believe in higher consciousness. Heres the 2013 LIB set:


If you enjoy Disclosure or light deep house songs, check out Tourist. Its good talent portrayed in touching lyrics and upbeat tunes.


Want a little more techno? This guy has a running show where he constantly updates with his favorite progressive house and techno. No matter if its very, very late at night or perhaps early in the morning, enjoy this set:


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