POMPEYAPompeya may have formed in 2006 but it wasn’t until years later that the band would find its inspiration from 70s disco, 80s New Wave and 90s indie rock and make it their own that fans are now familiar with. Their self-released debut helped them gain a strong fan base in their home country of Russia and their U.S. debut Tropical LP in 2013, helped get the band new exposure to the U.S. market that included showcases at SXSW 2014. The trio of Daniil Brod, Denis Agafonov and Dmitrii Vinnikov didn’t waste much time to follow up the success of Tropical and released Real in 2015 to much critical acclaim. Real was recorded in various cities that the band had yet to explore including, Philadelphia, New York, Orlando and Savannah. “For the new album, we wanted to create music with a larger message, for a more global audience,” the band stated. “We were forced out of our comfort zones, forced to experiment more and discuss serious topics like growing up, loss, fatherhood and staying true to yourself without going crazy. These are the real stories of our lives, and the real sound we want to present.”

Real is a favorite here at B-Sides and is out now via Mishu Records.

B-Sides caught up with Pompeya during the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco to talk about Real, their mishaps while touring the U.S. and more.

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Pompeya Talk 'Real', U.S. Touring Mishaps

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