Manchester U.K. band Everything Everything formed in late 2007 and have a strong fanbase throughout Europe and have garnered much critical acclaim. All of their albums have been nominated for the prestigious British Mercury Music Prize, including their latest effort, Get To Heaven, released and nominated in 2015. The album was finally released in the U.S. in March and the band is in the midst of the very first U.S. tour, having supported The Joy Formidable. During the process of writing the album, songwriter and lead singer, Jonathan Higgs watched a lot of television news, read various “hot topics” on the internet, stating, “That’s one of the many things that went into me during that year — this sense of blinding rage about what is happening. I can’t believe the world right now is so incredibly violent, or that there’s a strength of belief in the world in a way that we British, apathetic people can even begin to understand.”

Lead singer Jonathan Higgs and drummer Michael Spearman spoke with B-Sides about the album, impressions of San Francisco, their penchant for R&B/hip-hop and more.

Everything Everything - Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread (Official Video)