thesubwaysThe Subways recently released a 5-track EP titled. ‘The ‘Acoustic Adventures At YFE Studios’ as a prelude to hitting the road in North America for the first time in over 8 years. The EP was recorded at the band’s newly-established YFE Studios- where the band intends to record all of their future projects. Frontman Billy Lunn stated, ”Piling in all the equipment I’ve acquired over the years and setting it all up was whetting my appetite far too much, and so I sat down and got creative straight away. What came out was what you see before you – our Acoustic Adventures EP. I love reducing our songs back to their original state on the acoustic guitar, which is how they’re written in the first place before we ramp everything up to 10. I also love playing on the acoustic guitar some of my favorite songs by other artists, and on this EP is a taster of some of my most beloved Europop ( Annie’s “Heartbeat”) and metal (Deftones’ “Risk”), which I hope adds a little spice to our original material rendered on the acoustic guitar. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording!”

The Subways performed “Taking All The Blame” from their self-titled fourth album at the Honey Hive Gallery in San Francisco for B-Sides On-Air. The band also spoke about the long gap between U.S. appearances, their future plans and more.

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - The Subways Talk Acoustic EP, Future Plans

B-Sides On-Air: The Subways Perform "Taking All The Blame" Acoustic at Honey Hive Gallery

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