April 2016 was an exciting month for Tacoca fans! Not only was their newest album Lost Time released they also had their world debut of the new Powerpuff Girls theme song. Lost Time was certainly a two for one taco special!

TacoCat made sound waves in 2014 with their album NVM. Fans all over the world fell in love with their tunes. NVM was at the top of college charts which helped them schedule the United States and Europe tour. It has been two years since NVM was released and fans had great anticipation for Lost Time.

Lost Time is a very energetic and playful indie pop-punk album. The beats are very addictive and the album can boost your mood by listening. The album was compiled perfectly, as the songs transition smoothly maintaining a consistent theme. There is a female empowerment and outer space vibe to Lost Time. When you watch the music videos for the album, you sense the quirky and fun persona that is TacoCat. The songs are very catchy and leave you wanting more. Lost Time is very short but the quality definitely outweighs the quantity.

One of the standouts is the first song “Dana Katherine Scully,” named for and about the cult classic FBI agent in the fictional TV show X-Files. You may find the song to be simultaneously hilarious and genius.

Lost Time by TacoCat is available online through their bandcamp for name your own price. Lost Time is available on multiple formats from digital, vinyl records to cassette tapes. If you collect vinyl records, this is a must have for your collection as the album is colored and well designed.

Tacocat - "Dana Katherine Scully" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]