ON-RADAR: The Begowatts – Photoelectric

p1956376729-4Apparently there is a South Central Wisconsin… I’m not being funny, I have just never really thought about that area of the country. I can imagine that it’s a beautiful place, home to The Dells, “The Mad City” of Madison, Wisconsin, and The Begowatts. The latter making the place stink with their no nonsense brand of rock. Their website boasts, and I love this, “Our hard-hitting Rock and Roll will embolden the weak, cure the sick, save the damned, soften the heat, and melt the face of all True Believers”. Photoelectric just happens to also be the band’s debut record.

I’m sold….

Which is to say, that even if the song sucks, I’m all in, I can still give the downer faced sneer and close my eyes while bobbing to the beat. There’s no contest, I’ve said this before, I miss a good band that provides us the opportunity to make an honest to goodness pouty face. What the Begowatts lack in diverse song-writing they make up with attitude, and sometimes that’s all you need.

“In the Nighttime” kicks off the album with wings and a killer guitar lick. “Rock Lust” could have been a B-side off an Urge Overkill record. “Lawmaker” is a swampy, bluesy stinger with a political bend. “Eyes of a Woman” peacock struts its way through a dirty opening riff. “No Man Above” is currently playing in a certain early 90’s Patrick Swayze movie about a bouncer in a bar… in my mind. “Daydreamer” finds the right vibe to sing your head off, and I imagine would be killer live… and so on…

Even when the band hits a low note…. “Rock the Bugs Out”….. they still do it without caring about others’ opinions… They just want you to literally rock the bugs out…. Not sure out of what, but just listen to them dammit.

All that to say, the Begowatts are really good, the record is hard-driving rock n roll, and they know that, and now so do you.