ptv10000Since the release of their latest album, Misadventures,  Pierce the Veil has gotten more attention and new fans to their already-solid following.  The band, howver, did not just come out of nowhere and become an instant sensation.  Frontmen and brothers, Vic (vocalist) and Mike Fuentes (drummer), formed the American post-hardcore band back in 2006 out of San Diego, with bassist Jaime Precaido and guitarist Tony Perry.  Equal Vision Records supported Pierce the Veil’s early success with albums like A Flair For The Dramatic and Selfish Machines.  Then in 2011 they signed with Fearless Records and released the albums, Collide With The Sky and Selfish Machines (Reissue). After they created an image for themselves they announced a documentary being made about their first world tour in dedication to their loving fans.

With each release of a new album, the more recognized Pierce the Veil gets.  The band recently released a new album called Misadventures in May 2016, a highly anticipated moment for fans across the world, as it had been three years since Pierce the Veil released new music.  Misadventures was greatly recognized by fans and bystanders and got the band on mainstream radio with the single, “Circles” and online attention with “Dive In”, and “Texas Is Forever”.  Possibly because it was awaited for so long or merely the contagious sound they created.  The band sent out teasers for Misadventures to get fans eager for its debut. They even featured the breakdown in hit song “Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed”. Misadventures is a representation of Pierce the Veil’s growth over the years and their new beats, all in one powerful album.

Pierce The Veil - Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed