Bat for Lashes-The BrideThe Bride by Bat For Lashes is the newest theatrical concept album, set to be released on July 1, 2016. Bat For Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, recently had an interview with Rolling Stone on her perspective of the Brexit. Little does she know that Bat For Lashes has her very own “Brexit” from the norm of her indie alternative and electronic scene.

Concept albums are nothing new and you may already know this, especially in the progressive metal scene. What are some reasons you should care about another concept album you might call as yourself? Part of the reason you should pay attention to Bat for Lashes is that the album is entirely atypical for her style. Not only is it different, so to speak, it is also magnificent at capturing emotions.

The entire album is about a bride, hence, the album title, that ends up dealing with her new husband’s death. She goes from single to wedded and to a widow. It’s very dark. The Bride isn’t an album to make love to on your honeymoon or for getting ready for your big day. If you think of it more as an experience, you’ll be okay. It’s one of those albums you’ll want to listen to while embracing the work as an art form. It’s storytelling and music at it’s finest.

This album isn’t for the faint at heart. If you are more of a Passion Pit and Calvin Harris kind of a listener, you might want to “Brexit” out of this album. If you are open-minded and ready for something eclectic, stay tuned and play on. Brace yourself, because this album does get dark. The album release is July 1st, and you might still be able to pre-order it on colored vinyl.

Bat For Lashes - Sunday Love (Official Video)