Dan LDan Lipton’s nomadic wanderings are the heart and soul of his new record Breathing In. The album was recorded in various intimate settings, mostly cabins in the woods, throughout the Eastern US. The singer songwriter has drawn comparisons to Ray Lamontagne but with this new record has branched off that line to come into his own as an artist. Breathing In runs the gamut of emotions from the fun and whimsical, to the downtrodden and sullen. His voice is inviting and warm and sounds at home in front of a fireplace with a blanket and a bottle of wine.

Title track “Breathing In” brings that warmth home with a folky and reassuring texture. “Mocking Bird” provides a little turn into the blues with a comfortable and upbeat energy. “Dark Water” begins with a Mazzy Star “Fade Into You” intro that quickly becomes Lipton’s. “Come On Georgia” offers an electric, and infectious sing-along chorus. “Wings of A Crow” is simply a beautifully written song with a wonderful, soft duet within. “Shade in the Shadow” is story telling at its finest.

I will never get tired of the singer / songwriter genre. There are so many rich layers that come out of a human with a guitar. With that being said, it is also hard to stand out in a crowd of those humans with guitars, with some crying oversaturation. Who care what they say? Dan Lipton isn’t perfect but the listener can hear the passion in his voice and sometimes that imperfection coupled with passion is enough to rise to the top.