The Hunna

When a band shuts themselves from the world to spend time together honing their craft and sound they can create excellent music that you can’t help but feel completely engaged and connected too. Since before October 2015, a 4-piece band from the UK have to work steadily to create their masterpiece first debut album.

In August of 2016, The Hunna will release an album entitled “100.” Here are some reasons why you should experience this album as soon as it is released:


The Hunna have been on the radar since October of 2015 with their song “Bonfire.” “Bonfire” created a huge following and formed what the band called “The Hunna Squad.” As of 2015 they have been selling out performances throughout the UK and created a great name for themselves.

This album has the upbeat to The Strokes with an organic flow of Radiohead. It’s upbeat and engaging while still being technical and complex. The Hunna created a perfect structure with their style and groove. When you listen to the songs you can, certainly catch that they are very passionate about their music.

A lot of bands can play great music, and you can hear that it’s good, but there is something about a recording that you can feel if the song’s inspiration and love. You can hear and feel that in this album through the vibration of its tunes as The Hunna is fully engaged in their album “100.”

In their 6th song of the album the have a song called “Piece by Piece” in which a lyric says “You know what I want to hear the piece by piece.” Although it might not be intended for this out of context, The Hunna does know what you want to hear, and they created this excellent music for “The Hunna Squad” and any new members to create the ultimate “squad goal.”

Your the best bet is to preorder this album so you too can experience the greatest new indie rock album of 2016 and be the first person you know to join “The Hunna Squad.”

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