The Canadian duo MSTRKRFT certainly outdid themselves with their newest album Operator. Since 2005, Jesse Keeler and Al-P, the creators of MSTRKRFT have been creating a great hybrid electro-dance-punk house sound. This album is under an hour long but tends to play out as if it was longer.

Most of Operator is a steady repetitive beat with periodic sprinkles of universal sounds. For the most part, you can hear sounds similar to that of classic old school electronic or “techno”, if you may, and has a lot of retro influences and digital tidbits launched throughout.

When you first listen to this album, you might even imagine yourself in a scene of the 1995 cult classic movie “Hackers.” Operator is an excellent coding soundtrack. If you are on the “make your app start-up company” bandwagon, this could be your jam.

Call the “Operator” because you have your next go-to album for your inspiration line. MSTRKRFT’s album creates an adrenaline music kick for your fancy designer drinks. One of the best tracks of this album is “Morning of the Hunt” with its Daft Punk feel and intricate melodic vibe.

Aside from Operator being a great album to listen to while performing some muscle mechanic tasks, it would also be excellent for partying or relaxing.  This album can leave you with a music high and curiosity that is hard to replicate. Operator is an album worth looking at, especially after the seven-year hiatus of MSTRKRFT.

Morning of the Hunt