Ansel Elgort

There’s a new player in the music game and it’s not his first time in the spotlight. DJ Ansolo and Ansel Elgort have created a smash hit EDM jam. “The EDM is in Our Stars” as Ansel Elgort known for his role in “The Fault in Our Stars” hit the track right out of the park. On July 22nd DJ Ansolo, which “true-mor” has it is Ansel Elgort’s DJ alter persona, released his very first track named “Home Alone.”

This track is by far the best tease. You listen to “Home Alone” and have no other choice but to hit repeat over and over again because that’s all they gave you. DJ Ansolo and Ansel Elgort provides an excellent appetizer with Home Alone leaving you starving for a killer album.

The song starts off as with randomly precise ambient moans to the tone of a KYGO and Galantis. After you get deep into those beats, you hear a powerful jump Skrillex type dubstep vibe but a little more tame and digestible. As much as the beats get heavy, it’s still smooth and sexy.

Home Alone is currently in the top 4 of the Spotify Viral Chart. Ansel Elgort’s latest official post on Facebook mentioned that if the song went to number one, he would do something special. He asked for suggestions and of course we’d like to see an album released.

Check out his song on Spotify and help him hit number 1 on the Spotify Viral Chart.