_DSC0183Although Warped Tour was first established with a lot of punk and rock bands, over the years the main genre affiliated with the tour became more broad. The Maine is one of the bands that could play on the main stage right after a metal core band like Motionless In White. Completely opposite sounds but similar in the support from their fans love for music. Formed in 2007, from Tempe, Arizona, this alternative band now consists of vocalist, John O’Callaghan, lead guitarist, Jared Monaco, bassist, Garrett Nickelsen, drummer, Patrick Kirch, and rhythm guitarist, Kennedy Brock. The Maine doesn’t just play songs on a stage, they put on a show between interacting heavily with the crowd, bringing a fan on stage, and doing everything in their power to make a positive impact.

How is life on the road so far?

The tour has been blowing by so far, I’m like how are we so far into it already? Which is a good thing.

At your shows you always emphasize to have a good time, and during the song, Girls Do What They Want, you guys bring someone up on stage to sing part of it. How did that become part of your set?

Um, I think John just did it one day and we were like “that was really fun”, so we just kept doing it. We like to walk the line of like the potential of something to go wrong, because then it keeps it entertaining for us. Like it can go really good or really bad.

Does The Maine have a pre-show ritual?

We do this chant, where we say “we like to party” and we clap our hands around. I don’t know why, we just decided to do it one day, ten years ago, and we just did it every show. We think its bad luck if we don’t do it.

If you were told you could only bring one thing to Warped Tour, what would it be?

Baby wipes, its a must.

What is the weirdest thing you have seen yet on Warped Tour?

There was a man that got naked and pooped in a mosh pit.

Two other bands said that as well…

Well that’s the weirdest thing that has happened on tour so. I just heard about it and people were taking pictures and they ended up in our group text.

Describe Warped in one sentence. 

I would say it’s a great opportunity to play in front of people that have never heard of your band before.


The Maine - Am I Pretty?