13938002_10154439864869521_143336915979974824_oOn the day of the release of their single, “Bang Bang” from their forthcoming album, Revolution Radio, Green Day hosted an impromptu chat and tour of their studio in Oakland, CA on Facebook Live. The stream started off with a view of the lyric video for “Bang Bang” and continued with the band showing the various rooms in the studio they named “Otis”, which contained lots of gear, various guitars, surfboards and a classic jukebox where they played “Wild Youth” by Generation X and “Keep A Knocking’ by Little Richard.

Billie Joe Armstrong took a moment to rattle off the tracklisting for Revolution Radio that includes:

Somewhere Now
Bang Bang
Revolution Radio
Say Goodbye
Bouncing Off The Wall
Still Breathing
Too Young to Die
Trouble Times
Forever Now
Ordinary World

Armstrong described the album as “lush with lots of big fat guitars drums and bass and a lot of energy and not contrived.” The band mentioned that there will be a movie for “Ordinary World,” which was previously called “Geezer”. Armstrong stars in the film as a former punk rock musician who is struggling with life after exiting the music world. The film also stars Selma Blair, Judy Greer and Fred Armisen.

Revolution Radio is slated to be released on October 7, 2016.