The Tigerlilies Publicity PhotoGarage Rock is alive and well in Ohio. The Tigerlillies bring their post-punk anthems of cotton candy with bloody stems and feedback to light on their new EP 123456. The band brings a mash up of The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and The Buzzcocks that is hard to ignore, with hooks that would make any teeny-bopper, producer turn their heads. The Tigerlillies offer a smashing live show; amassing a cult following touring with the likes of Joan Jett, Paul Weller, and Guided by Voices.

The EP is only 6 songs, hence the name of the record, but it packs a jolly good time. Lead single “Easy As It Seems” is a rockin’ earworm that only gets better each listen. “Darlin” takes us to a 60’s high school auditorium the evening of the big dance. “Green Eyes” is a fist-pumpin’, semi-punk anthem with Ramones-like call and response chorus. “Some Me, Some You” is a turn it up to 11, melodic, shout-along with friends.

Tigerlilies - 123456 CoverThe short record feels like a bit of a let-down as I wanted the party to keep going. The band has been together for nearly a decade playing through some rough patches, honing their craft, and staying together as a good family should. Hopefully there will be a full length follow up, and many more years of fantastic music.