Glass Animals has a unique blend of styles which across many genres. One of their most influential undertones is Trip-Hop and Rock with How To Be A Human Being they create a precise blend of the two. When you listen to their newest album, you become engulfed by the sound as well lyrics.

Trip-hop is a subgenre that originated in the 90s time frame and attributed to being created in the UK. The first mainstream duo to gain traction was Massive Attack. Moving forward artist like RJD2 and Nightmares on Wax paved the way for bands like Glass Animals to gain an already created audience.

How To Be A Human Being has a similar style to Purity Ring with the beats of something you’d hear from a Flying Lotus album. Glass Animals does an excellent job at creating songs that are satisfying to the listener. The album is only 43 minutes but plays as if it were longer.

In regards to the album itself, it seems to be conceptual in the form of its lyrics. It almost tells the story a lot of millennials can relate to of having some growing pains in actually being a fully functional and respected adult. The first song “Life Itself” mentions about having to find an escape from the mundane life of living with parents.

There are some correlation and poetry in the music that Glass Animals created. How To Be A Human Being could even be a self-expression of the personal growth each of the members has had. One of the best songs on the album is “Poplar St.” It has a very chilled groove and downtempo vibe that you would not find. If you are looking for a good relaxing album that’s still stimulating How To Be Human Being is a great place to start.