story untoldIn today’s generation it’s common to find rising stars on social media. YouTube is a main contributor to finding incredible talent floating around.  In this case, YouTube brought Story Untold’s lead man, Janick Thibault, into the spotlight. Thibault created his YouTube channel back in 2007, covering hit songs with a rock vibe to them.  Five years later, Thibault created a four-man band known as Amazing and in 2016, Amasic was renamed Story Untold after making the announcement on YouTube in a comical fashion.  Now consisting of Janick Thibault (vocalist and songwriter), Jessy Bergy (lead guitarist), Mehdi Zidani (drummer), Max Cloutier (rhythm guitarist), and Aiden Von Rose (bassist).  Together, the band creates pop-rock songs that have quickly gained attention.

Story Untold was recently signed to Hopeless Records, joining the highly renowned family of bands like Yellowcard, The Wonder Years, Sum 41, and New Found Glory. Beyond being excited about their new record label, the band also released “History” and the music video for the song was featured on Hopeless Records’ YouTube Channel. Although Story Untold are just beginning their journey, they are a band to keep an eye out for as they keep growing.